“Sometimes it is difficult to find a classic or old vintage from a recognized or valued winery. There are also many people looking for these bottles, and obviously the stock is limited. But, searching and investigating everything or almost everything can be found. Now, the problem and / or dangers that exist is how that wine has been preserved, how many hands has it passed through? Has it been kept in optimal conditions of conservation? But hey, at the end of the day it is a risk that you sometimes have to take. Therefore, it is better to have trusted people who can minimize that risk.

As a sommelier, being able to share with a client a bottle of a great wine that we know is ready to uncork, and serve, either alone or with a dish is a true pleasure and privilege. One of the complicated tasks of the sommelier is to have the accuracy and sensitivity of when he decides to put an end to the inner life of a bottle, and having these ´´asses “in hand, ready to excite the customer is something wonderful, not it has a price.

On the other hand, from the logistical point of view of the winery, depending on the establishment and space it has, it is a great help to have vintages to be able to remove the stock from the moment, and give entry to others.

The selection of great classic wineries, as well as the selection of good vintages. A selection made conscientiously, and with great criteria, which defines the line of work that Vinotellers is pursuing.