Fine tune. v. Make a thing as perfect, precise or exact as possible.

I love the French word 'affinage'.

Affinage. n. (from the French) Last phase in making a cheese.


That final step of making a piece of cheese is also an art through which its flavors are perfected and over time it ends up acquiring its final texture. A word that is used in the world of cheese to talk about its maturation process, but that It could also be used to explain how the passing of the years contributes to the wines being less rustic and that they end up refining. And if the job of the «fromager affineur» consists in giving the necessary attention to the cheese so that it enhances its qualities, even talking about the affinage or refining of people instead of the dreaded aging might help us to wear gray hair, and everything that they entail, with much more pride, don't you think?


To understand then the wine as a living being, and in a certain way as a person, who goes through different stages in his life; From its youth, its passage through maturity and even its aging, it allows us to understand its evolution, the reason for the changes in its aromas and flavors and the importance of the storage conditions of each bottle.


It is important to remember the following if you want to "tune" your wines correctly (please avoid kitchen cabinets, those next to radiators and even the corners under the bed):

  • Store the bottles in a horizontal position so that the wine is in contact with the cork at all times and keeps it moist.
  • Cool temperature (between 12º and 16º) whenever possible since heat or sudden changes in temperature accelerate aging.
  • Wine does not like exposure to light as it oxidizes quickly.


Most of the wines you can buy at any wine store are ready-to-drink and don't need to be stored - in fact the wines are to drink and enjoy as soon as possible- and even when it comes to those wines with which one should know how to wait so that they fully develop all the potential they can offer, it does not mean that once they have matured, or even aged, they will be better than young ones, but simply they will have acquired many more nuances and will be more complex and seductive.

After all, the same thing happens to wines that happens to people and not all are made to grow old -If in our case we fully understand that it is evident that, although genetics helps, to cope well with aging it is necessary to work on it and therefore take care of the physique and the intellect- despite the popular saying that makes us believe that that of that wine always improves over the years.

Even so, when you come across those who have known how to grow old, be it wines or people, they tend to be so fascinating that their memory is difficult to erase -that is precisely why with Vinotellers I want you to come across them very, very often. -.

If there are people whose stories you would listen to for hours because the passage of time has given them a special charm that captivates you, there are wines that age with such class that you would infinitely lengthen your last glass in order to spend more time with it ...


To remember too that as a general rule it is the sparkling reserves or large reserves and the barrel-aged whites and reds that tend to age gracefully; having passed through the wood, it makes them more long-lived and in the particular case of sparkling wines, although they end up losing their bubble, much less do they lose their "charm".


Aging wines that will make your false myths, your prejudices or your stereotypes about aging disappear and that will even seduce you, making you start looking at the magic of the passage of time with different eyes.




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