Am I a true wine hedonist? Take our test and get out of doubt.

Let's be clear, hedonism unfortunately does not have a good reputation since the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about a hedonistic person is a chubby and gluttonous man at the table of a very good restaurant sticking an excessive tribute. I'm wrong?


The hedonist is not the one who finds any excuse for living the crazy life, but we are talking about the one who is able to master the art of enjoying the good life and its little pleasures.


Far from confusing hedonism with consumerism, from Vinotellers, with the pretext that we age for you -not us, but extra-ordinary wines- we put it on a tray so you accumulate less and you can uncork many bottles more with the satisfaction that that brings.

Because it is precisely sensory pleasures such as food and wine, but also landscapes, music, works of art, or others derived from sharing time with our family or friends, which act as the greatest source of happiness in people. -Are you already visualizing yourself sharing a table with friends and fixing the world at the table with the last glass of the Macon Milly-Lamartine Clos du Four from 2003 des Heritiers du Comte Lafon in hand after having enjoyed a good broth rice? I see myself too-


And what more sensory and daily pleasure than that of smelling what we are going to eat? I am one of those who smell each food before putting it in your mouth and the simple pleasure of breathing, taking a short pause and reflecting for a few seconds before ingesting helps to create your registry or your personal library of aromas - don't be embarrassed , try it more often because it hooks-. Tasting is a highly pleasurable sensation and despite the fact that in the case of wine, its ritual may seem on many occasions something snobbish - and it is true that it makes for laughter - the fact of sharing a bottle and exchanging opinions about it around a table is what ends up uniting us.

Taste could be defined after all as the cathedral of the senses, although smell limits us at the level of sensations but makes us travel in our memories, it is the palate that allows us to feel the cold or the heat, the texture etc. All the senses are involved in the wine tasting - yes, even the ear when uncorking, when serving in the glass or when toasting - so Faced with such a display of pleasure, it could not be otherwise that lovers of good drinking were hedonists of the manual.


What kind of modern hedonist are you?


The knower

You have constant thirst for "wine tasting" and you are a vintage bookworm. Admiring your wine fridge and showing it to your friends when they come home is one of the things that gives you the most satisfaction.

 You would spend hours chatting with a sommelier -in fact you feel that they are the people who understand you best- and it fascinates you when they make you discover not only jewels from here, but also French wines that you did not know.

 Your extra-ordinary wines:


The host 

Organizing a dinner at home is not the same as practice the art of receiving when you have guests. Away from the tower of chocolates and the butler at the door, you know that to show off what you need is to uncork one or more bottles of those that you keep for a good occasion.

 You always have a cold bottle of champagne for whatever happens. For you every detail counts and you are as much a lover of table art as of tablecloths.

Your extra-ordinary wines:


The prescriber

You love to share the pleasures of life. Your friends know that you always hit the nail on the head and do not hesitate that you continue choosing wine.

 Little by little you have entered the microcosm of wine tasting for true wine lovers and rub shoulders with "others of your kind"; "Those of the wine."

 Your extra-ordinary wines:


All good drinking artists, I would love to hear from you which one defines you best, down here in the comments.


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