Did I choose the wine that I shouldn't have? Should I have chosen a better known producer? Was the price I paid it too expensive? Should I have served it in another glass? Was it a wine to decant? Should I have waited longer to uncork that bottle? Or worse, have I waited too long?


A year and a half ago, I was reading an article by Eric Asimov, the wine critic for the New York Times, in which he stated that "Aging wine is an act of hope and optimism, mixed with fear and fear"That gave me food for thought and I ended up realizing what the topic of aging is a generator of doubts of such magnitude that it ends up becoming a constant uncertainty for lovers of good drinking.

On the one hand, there is a widespread belief that bottles age to their optimum and then are forgotten forever - as if it were that can of pineapple in syrup that at one time or another we have all forgotten in the fridge. - And anything farter from the reality. On the other, the size of the spaces in which most of the wine hedonists live today and in which, in the absence of having a cellar excavated underground where to age - the dream of all those who We love wine- when you can't fit any more bottles in the wine fridge, you start to store in all the cabinets and corners of your house as you can.


To solve the anguish that aging can cause we present gourmet wines by Vinotellers -While looking in our online store you can also get yourself a glass of Domecq VORS Sybarite Oloroso and I assure you that this lowers the anxiety levels in one fell swoop-:


  • A commitment to spanish wines, of course, but also for the French wines, -Here you can blame me, because after years living in France I cannot avoid that they are my weakness.
  • Every month I will introduce you other wines with story that we will be adding little by little to the list.
  • All extra-ordinary bottles they are in perfect condition.
  • 440 references with which we take off with the aim of expanding as we find jewels that are worth including in the Vinotellers bookstore.


From a Alberdi 2000 Vineyard at € 18 up to Pingus 2003 at € 965 or from Coudoulet de Beaucastel 1998 at € 29 up to Petrus 2006 at € 3.000. A wide selection of stories and different stories so that, when there are moments, companies, tables and dishes for all types of wines, you have a choice and that you end up agreeing with us that The best time to uncork a bottle is totally subjective.

The wines evolve from youth to maturity and continue to do so as they age, at each stage they express themselves differently and depending on your tastes you will appreciate one stage more than another. So, in conclusion, in order to decide which is the moment of the wine that best suits your palate, do not be shy and allow yourself to taste wines at many stages of your life.


Gourmet. nm Person who knows how to distinguish and appreciate good cuisine and good wines.


You feel identified?


The grocery store and the collector

They are those "other" moments of wine; Those that are more difficult to find those that we offer you with the Vinotellers gourmet: Bottles when they are mature or in the process of aging that delight you with aromas, flavors and textures that would not otherwise exist if the passage of time had not acted on them. Wines kept with care that have rested for years in the cellar of an old Catalan grocery store or in the personal cellar of a wine hedonist in Paris; both in the subsoil at constant temperature and humidity, -these are dream wineries- and whose selection for our online store we have taken care of down to the smallest detail applying our quality control and randomly tasting over many months - quite a sacrifice, you can imagine, but we love it sacrifice ourselves for you and continue to uncork bottles.

All our gourmet wines are in a premium state:


  • They have their label and capsule well preserved.
  • Its level is appropriate for the years of each of the bottles.
  • Its color is the one that corresponds to the age of the wine.
  • Despite its evolution, the quality is good.


The wine trade in the world

The prices that we show you in the online store are prices always set according to the market average, taking as a reference, the most successful and really useful wine price comparison website according to the Master of Wine Jancis Robinson.

Selling mature or old vintages online unites the inevitable romanticism of drinking aged wines with the facilities offered by buying from a computer or a mobile phone anywhere and anytime in just a few clicks - romantic yes, but modern too. An online version of the grocery store of the XNUMXst century, so you are from Tokyo, from a small town lost in the middle of the Bretagne or from Salamanca capital, we send you our gourmet wines from Barcelona to where you tell us.


By the way, do you already have your bilame corkscrew ready? I warn you that our gourmet wines are always dressed in etiquette, because you never know when the occasion deserves a good cork.


If you are curious to discover what gourmet wines are ... Take a look at our listing.



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