"Uncorking a wine that lacks time in the bottle is a real shame"

"And how difficult is it to find wines that are not fresh from the winery? Should I age the current vintage of a recently purchased wine at home? ”

 "The truth is, I have neither the patience to wait, nor the space to store bottles until they are ready."

 "How can I drink mature or old vintages more often if what is usually available are mostly young wines and the latest vintage that has been put up for sale?"

 "I would like to have a small collection of good wines at home"

 This all sounds familiar to you, right?


To put an end to these concerns, Vinotellers appears: an online wine store but also a vintage library or library that aims to make life easier and beautify you.

 How? Putting at your disposal those hard-to-find bottles or those that have been resting and aging for years in the cellar and that today they are ready to uncork or are waiting to be part of the collection of treasures that you keep in your wine fridge at home.


You can't imagine how eager I was to tell you that last week we finally launched the Vinotellers website and e-shop; the online store for wine hedonists or what will be your fetish wine store from now on, come on. And it is that we put at your fingertips in those extra-ordinary bottles with which it was so difficult to give. No more searching - we do that for you - and waiting - this too. Henceforth Your only concern will be to let yourself be carried away with the story of our wines once you serve them in the glass or simply make a small place in your personal cellar. Easy, do not you think?


Let me introduce myself, I'm Cris, from the answer to How did Vinotellers come about?, I am "the wine" and therefore who will tell you about him. My daily purpose is to unite hedonists -like you- with bottles with a story to tell -like gourmet wines o the gourmand Vinotellers- and for that reason I dedicate myself to tirelessly look for extra-ordinary wines so that:


  • You end up being a great connoisseur of wines.

  • You are an excellent host.

  • Become a prescriber of bottled stories yourself.


I'm sure you had one of the three in mind so congratulations! You have found the ideal store! Let me explore it to get you those hard-to-find wines and make yours yours:


  • "Know more and more about wines" and discover real jewels.

  • Sharing around a table the bottles that you keep with affection.

  • Keep hitting the nail on the head with your recommendations among friends or choosing wine for your lunches or dinners.


If you like, every week I will also send you a “short wine story”; is ours did you know that? Friday, An interesting or curious fact to present you the gourmet wines that we have in the Vinotellers bookstore and, why not ?, manage to captivate your palate that same weekend. Because as Jean-Claude Ellena recounted, Hermès's nose in an interview offered to the Revue du Vin de France, “… Wine tells a story, it is what we are looking for. And we can tell this story later and so we start a conversation again. Good storytellers are good seducers ..." so I am not going to deceive you and I confess that I intend to seduce you with the curiosities of each bottle; with stories of artisans and artists, yes, but also of those that over time have been forged until reaching Vinotellers.


Although I would not dare to say categorically that we all improve over the years, it is true that good wines do ... Are you not curious now to discover which are our gourmet wines? Take a look at our listing.



Cris - A wine counter


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