"I normally have at home wines from several Denominations of Spain and some wines from the rest of the world to a lesser extent and it is certainly difficult to find old vintages in a correct state of conservation so you almost always find yourself doomed to auction pages, with the clear fluctuating and expensive value of the wines as they are bids for collectors of high purchasing power. In Vinotellers, on the other hand, you have the facility of having a clear and concise list, with the vintages and fixed prices without surprises, and they also have a variety of bottle formats. Having the option of buying wines with a guaranteed evolution in the bottle, with good condition of the wine, its labels and capsules, allows you to look good to make any gift to a hedonistic person or for personal consumption, in the most family celebrations, so it is frankly comfortable for me to have wines ready to uncork.

I am especially attracted by the variety they have, the practicality and ease of consulting all their references, in addition to their professionalism in advising on deciding which wine to choose. Also noteworthy are its competitive prices and the speed of its purchase and shipping process.

Congratulations Vinotellers and keep it up. For many years at your side. Health and wine. "