“I usually keep wines at home mainly to see how they evolve, or to improve them in the bottle. Sometimes you do not know what is better, if you buy every year and save at a moderate price, or wait a while and buy already made and mature wines, but with more expensive prices. 

My experience with Vinotellers for now is very good. First, Cristina's treatment of clients. For me that is the most important thing. Then it is clear that there are wines from Bordeaux and Rioja especially (also some Ribera and Priorat) that attract a lot. Their advice, their shipments, their conservation of the bottles… I have not drunk much of what I bought, but the ones I have opened were great and hence the comfort of knowing that you buy quality wines, old and well preserved vintages. For wine lovers, having that confidence is very important. 

Comparing young vintages with old vintages of the same wine allows you to learn and see how the same wine or winery evolves over time, and teaches you that wineries, producers, or wines are capable of enduring quality over time. 

As an improvement, I would expand the catalog in sparkling wines and white wines (Alsace, Moselle, Friuli, Burgundy and New World). ”