I'm not lazy. I like to walk fast. Weird is that I put the heating on. And rarer than going to the doctor. I eat everything and drink a glass of wine with my meal. My wife makes me a broth with the vegetables from my garden. Then I watch a western movie. And at night I go to bed early. I have a clear head and I keep the accounts from home. Concerns? I enjoy life! »; commented Eustaquio Pérez, 99 years old and a resident of Quintela de Leirado, in the region of Tierra de Celanova, the oldest in Ourense, which is the second oldest province in Spain. 


Read article "The secret of longevity: the 'immortals' of Ourense" by Carlos Manuel Sánchez and I couldn't help but think "If I want to grow old like this: Enjoying life!"

I have the feeling that nowadays if you openly say that you like to enjoy a glass of wine every day while having dinner after work, it is not very well seen, that is, it seems that if you substitute the phrase 'glass of wine' for ' green juice detox and antioxidant 'as that is much better. I tell you myself that I drink green tea at all hours, that I go for a run and that I practice yoga and that even so, sometimes I have the perception that I must justify myself when I show that I like to drink wine since I am automatically excluded from the tribe from "the healthies."

Although the debates regarding whether the benefits of one or two glasses of wine a day are real or not are still very much in force, it cannot be denied that wine is part of the Mediterranean diet and its consumption, as long as it is moderate and responsible, it has anticancer effects and prevents cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, and if not ask Eustaquio ...  

Of course it does not consist of drinking 14 glasses of wine now between Friday and Saturday with the excuse that during the week you do not drink anything, but to drink more culture regularly and in moderation. People in the oldest parts of the world drink that glass (or a maximum of two) of red wine a day while they eat as a family, they move or exercise daily and also keep their social life very active. Is it not after all that in addition to the resveratrol (the natural polyphenol present in the skin and in the seed of red grapes and which in our body slows down aging and protects the cardiovascular system) part of the secret to longevity is maintaining a Mediterranean lifestyle and mentality?

By no means do I intend to encourage alcohol consumption from this newsletter, but if I promote the «Cultural pleasure of drinking wine as a celebration and as an encounter» as Jesús Terrés explains.

The key is that that glass of wine a day should always be accompanied by a good meal, a good (and beautiful) table and good company.



And since this is about sharing around a table and the more people - the kind that make you feel infinitely good - there are, the greater the pleasure of opening large bottles, you can find extra-ordinary magnums (the equivalent of two standard 750ml bottles) to uncork in good company: Here 


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